Monday, March 31, 2008

A Nanny to the Rescue

Tamara has been sick with anemia for some time now (she takes iron pills and B12 shots) and recently underwent surgery to help improve the situation. with the surgery we applied for Haushaltshilfe (Domestic Help) through the health insurance and were able to receive it, just when we thought no more help was available after grandma was gone, and Tamara's blood counts actually got worse.
A little reminder that the Nanny is here.

It very common in Germany to wear house shoes, offer your guests house shoes, bring your own house shoes on trips, etc. We now have a reminder, even on the weekends, that the Nanny has come to help us (kind of like Mary Poppins' umbrella).

The benefit of a nanny is available here in Germany through the health insurance is a domestic help program. Social service organizations coordinate with the health insurance to provide homes with help after a surgery for example. In our case Tamara needs help with the housework and with the kids. After, the first week of surgery with lots of help from the congregation, and then two weeks of grandma, and I, Gardner, was back at work, we got this amazing help for Tamara, just when we thought she was back to being left all alone. It has truly been a life saver these last weeks.


Maria said...

Yet another thing the Germans do well! I hope Tamera begins feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

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Theriault Family said...

isn't socialism awesome. That would never happen over here!

J said...

Gosh, very sorry to hear that your wife has been so ill. I hope she maes a full recovery soon.

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