Sunday, March 9, 2008


OK, so I have to ask myself, is what happened today a milestone or a fluke? Here is what happened:

Ian and Emma were playing in the Living Room as they usually do. Of course, then it moves into the dining room, the Kitchen, the get my drift. As they were playing, Ian ran to the armoire. We have a drawer at the bottom and we keep the diapers in there. He got one out and brought it to me.

I asked him if he wanted his diaper changed. He just smiled like he does. I picked him up and smelled him. Sure enough, he had pooped.

So, is he on his way to recognizing that poop needs to get changed right away? Or was that a fluke? I guess we will see in the weeks to come.

Now onto Emma. As long as we are talking about Poop, I might as well bring her into this blog entry. After the new year, I started potty training Emma. I didn't get very far when I found out I was going to have surgery. And since then, I have put the whole plan on hold until I felt I was able to devote time for it.

Well, lately, what Emma is doing is telling me she is really ready to potty train. She will find me, no matter where I am to tell me she is in the middle of pooping. It's no longer, "mom, I pooped. I need my diaper changed." It is now, "I am pooping." Then I tell her to tell me when she is finished and we will change her diaper.

She is so very close, I can feel it. My goal was to do it after Christmas. Now it is before her birthday. I feel like it will happen by then. I just hope that Emma will be a breeze when it comes to potty training. I deserve it after potty training Hannah all those years ago. {giggle}


G in Berlin said...

We have just brought the "Potty Time" DVD and book back for our Thing2 and I am hoping that the interest she is showing will translate to using the potty!

Janet said...

i remember you potty training hannah! ;) sounds like emma is on her way!!

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