Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Am I Finally Back?

Well, Here I am, almost a year later, writing again. Sometimes I have missed writing on my blog. Other times, I felt like it was just too time consuming. And then there are times I feel like sharing things, but did not like the fact that the world can read what I am writing.

We are now in Summer Vacation here in Germany. We got out of school on July 22nd. That is so late in the year, but we finally made it.

We just spent a few days at the temple. We took Hannah, Emma and Ian. Shantal and Spencer were on a Youth Trip for the week, so we took advantage of the time and went to the Temple. It was one of the best experiences I have had up until now at the temple. The three kids were old enough that we left them alone in the Hostel. We left them with Movies, Games and Coloring things. Not to mention a few snacks. Gardner and I were able to go to the temple together three different times. We did Sealings twice and an Endowment Session once.

One thing that happened at the temple, is I recognized an older couple that was there. Their last name is Villwock. They live in Dortmund and is someone I knew from while I served my mission in Dortmund 20 years ago. We were able to talk about certain people. And floods of memories came back from my time there. Things I have not thought about for a very long time.

Also, While we were there at the temple, I had a feeling of coming to the Temple with Gardner when we are the age of Brother and Sister Villwock. Not just any Temple, either. What does that all mean? That we will be here in Germany forever? Who really knows. I certainly do not. But I do know that I enjoyed being at the Temple for the first time in a very long time.

March 2007