Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter this year was pretty good. We made it through the day with just a few melt downs a long the way.

My parents are here from America visiting. And we had friends come over this afternoon as well. We ended up doing Raclette so my dad could experience it while he was here.

Here are some pictures of the Kids from the past two days. I chose just my favorites to share. But of course, had to make sure I had at least one of each kid in there.

At the end, there is a video. This morning, only the two younger kids were awake. They are the only two who don't know about the Easter Bunny yet. Anyway, they were up early. But they didn't even notice the easter baskets with lots of candy. I thought it was funny. So I picked up my camera and caught it all on camera. Please ignore the messy house. {smiles}

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