Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pictures From Visiting Friends

While we were in Dresden, we visited one of Gardner's friends parents who live there. I personally had never met them before. But they were really nice. We heard lots of stories from the Dad about life when the wall came down. Gardner can never hear enough of these stories. And I too enjoy hearing about them.

They treated us to cake, Ice Cream, drinks and the kids had a great time playing on the swing set and in the sand box.

They live in this beautiful area and live right up along a winery. Hiking up to the grape vines proved to be fun for the older ones who were running through the maze of grapes. Luckily, Gardner was able to catch up to them and calm them down and send them back down the hill. Ian was a bit harder to control. He wanted to keep climbing up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pictures From Seiffen

While on our trip, we visited this little town called Seiffen. It is all about Christmas there. That and the Sommer Rodelbahn, which is an Alpine Slide. The kids all loved this and didn't want to stop riding. That is, all except Shantal. We finally got her to go on it with Hannah. And if you see her picture, you can see how slow they went. there was a massive amount of people behind them. {giggle}

Also, on the way, there was a Nut Cracker Museum that we stopped at. It has the world's tallest or is it largest (I can't remember right now) Nut Cracker.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pictures From Prague

We spent our second day in Prague. Here are some of the pictures from visiting there.

March 2007