Monday, July 28, 2008

Pictures From Dresden

We just returned from 5 days of family Vacation. I will be uploading pictures of each place we went one at a time.

The first one is Dresden, Germany.

We arrived at 6:30pm and walked into the city to find something to eat. Lots of good pictures to be had there. And you will see where we ended up eating. The only thing we found in our price range and that the kids would eat.

Memorial of a Crushed Resistance, Dresden, Germany

World Trade Center in Dresden, Germany

In front of the Dresden Train Station
Karl May Museum

Gardner watching the kids
while I attended the temple Freiberg, Germany
(yes, they are in the fountain)


Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Nice pics!

tesstrue said...

love those pictures... especially of them standing on the rounded concrete things... don't know what they're called.

Briteeyes said...

How wonderful your family gets to see all that history and beauty,, and of course mickey dee's lol. I am jealous, maybe I will grab kenz and we will come visit for a week!

Edleen said...

Tamara, i love all the photos you took! love the buildings and your family, so Beautiful! :)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

You have some amazing photographs! I love the one of your two girls from behind walking hand in hand, I love the one of all of your kids from behind, and I love the one with the kids holding hands touching the pillars/walls . . . too cute! Looks like an amazing vacation!

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