Monday, July 14, 2008

We Are Home!

So, after 3 different plane rides which included 26 hours and a 2 hour car ride, we were back home in Germany.

We have been home now for 2 days. And I have to just touch for a minute on a few things that I noticed.

First off, when we pulled up in the van, the kids were not home. The babysitter had walked to pick up Emma from Kindergarten. They came just as I was getting out of the van. And Ian started pointing and screatching. I thought.....oh my little boy missed me. Come to find out, he wanted absolutely nothing at all to do with me. He was only screatching and pointing to the van. He wanted to go for a ride.

Emma on the other hand came running up the path yelling, "Momma, Momma, Momma!" And came right into my arms. She has stayed by myside almost constantly since I have been home.

Ian on the other hand, seldom wants anything to do with me. He is definately a daddy's boy now.

I noticed the toilet in our house here in Germany is a bit higher than those in America. I know, strange. {giggle}

Spencer keeps telling me "Thank You Mom for this great meal" after each meal I cook. Hmmm, made me question what they had eaten the whole time I was gone. That is soooo not like Spencer.

And I got an eye mask on the plane that I am using a lot here at home as I sleep during the day, thanks to the good ole jet lag. Yesterday Gardner sent Emma upstairs to wake me up as I told him not to let me sleep more than 1 1/2 hours. Emma came up and then went back down to Gardner and told him I was hiding. Since my eyes were covered, I was hiding, too cute.

I noticed lots of strawberries in our strawberry plants. Too bad animals have eaten a good half of them. And we had one large zuchinni. Our first one.

The kids were excited about all the stuff I brought back. I will have to list that in a different post. Just let me say that I was allowed 4 suitcases (2 for shantal and 2 for me) and each could weigh no more than 50 pounds or we would have to pay $85 per suitcase that was over. My suitcases weighed in at 49 pounds, 49 pounds, 48 pounds and 43 pounds. WHEW! I was worried.


Coleen said...

YAY!! I'm happy that the suitcases were all under! I know you were worried about that. I won't lie, though...I'm disappointed that you had enough weight to take your Cuddlebug ;-) I'll just have to look for another 50% off coupon to get my own!

Briteeyes said...

Way to pack Tammie!! You rock!!!

Kay said...

Thanks for the phone call. We were glad that you didn't have to pay more for any of yur luggage. We miss having you and Shantal here. Next time bring the whole family, ok?

Kay's Puppy said...

It took a while... But hello. Nice to see all the pictures of the family. Grandma J (Kay) is right, it would be good to see you all (a little floridian slang; Y'all...
Love y'all...

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