Thursday, July 17, 2008

Potty Training

Emma started Summer Break from Kindergarten Yesterday. And with that, came the time for me to start Potty Training her full force. Today we are on day #2.

Yesterday I had been having a conversation with my friends online throughout the day about this experience. I am just copying and pasting what I wrote, not what they wrote.


Me: Why oh why did I ever have more kids. All mine were out of diapers by the time Emma was born. And I HATE, HATE, HATE potty training.

Me: She has been in underwear all day long. Sitting on the toilet almost every 10 minutes. And yet, she still hasn't seemed to pee in the toilet. Only on my floors. And now, she is asking me for a diaper. No way, no how. She ain't getting one. These next 3 weeks are do or die time. So she better do. {giggle}

Me: I know, I know, I know. I love the girl to pieces and can't imagine life without her. But man, potty training SUCKS!

Me: The thing is, when a kid isn't potty trained, the mom is the one that gets the weird looks and people start thinking bad things about the mom for not doing it sooner. But honestly, if they don't wanna do it, they are not going to. No matter how old they are.

Me: she just brought me a diaper and is begging for me to put it on. I refuse. I think it just means it is time to sit on the toilet again. {sigh}

Me: she is standing up trying to put on her own diaper since I refuse.

Me: she finally conceeded to put her underwear back on.

Me: I keep telling her I will gladly put a diaper back on her if she goes one time in the toilet. We sat for over 1/2 hour here. (yes, we are in the bathroom with her. )She finally is up and off. But I will be bringing her back here in 10 minutes.

Me: I am trying to hang in there. But for some reason, this sooooo stresses me out.

Me: She finally went on the toilet. {woo-hoo} It was 5pm. I swear, I had been in that bathroom for an hour with the excpetion of a 10 minute break. Now she is in bed and has her lovely diaper on. But we will be back at it tomorrow.


So this morning when we first got up, I put emma in underwear. I ended up having to run to my Physical Therapy appointment before she ever did anything. So I told the girls they were in charge and to remind Emma to go sit on the toilet.

While I was gone, she pee'd in the toilet. then through out the day, she couldn't go. I could tell she had a poop coming because I saw skid marks in the underwear. Changed her underwear and soon after that, she pee'd on her bedroom floor.

Then tonight at dinner, she got sent to her room to "take a break" for not being nice. After a few minutes, I sent Hannah upstairs to tell her to sit on the toilet. well, Hannah tells me she was already there and she pee'd and pooped. I ran upstairs and of course, she had pooped. Evidence was right there in front of me.

Now, you need to know, I do a "mommy dance" when she pee's or poops. She was laughing so hard. We do high fives and she gets a Suprise Kids Egg (Kinder Joy) each time too.

So today, was definately a better day than yesterday. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.


Harwood Family said...

We are going through the same thing at my house. Zach went in the toilet twice...10 days ago. We had to sit with him in the bathroom for at least an hour before he did anything. Now he refuses to do it again. The only way we get him in the bathroom now is to brush his teeth. I'm not pushing it now because we are leaving for Utah in the morning, but as soon as we get back, it is full on potty training time. I am determined not to buy one more diaper for that boy. Let me know what works for you. Good Luck!!!

La- said...

Oh my.. sounds ike a total "adventure" LOL ENJOY!! :)


Briteeyes said...

lol I love it! I feel for ya, and am glad I am done!! **GRIN** Although reading about your "mommy dance" brings to mind my potty song I sang everytime one of these kids did their business on the potty! Good luck, and stick with it,, and you are right, when they are ready they just do it, but it is when they are ready, they don't seem to care how many dirty looks us mom's get because they arent trainned yet! UGH! lol

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