Friday, July 4, 2008

Conversations with Shantal

So I had a conversation with Shantal yesterday. We were leaving my mom's house to go out to lunch together. We were just pulling out of the drive way when this conversation started:

Shantal: Outside at Grandma's house it always smells like snails!

Me: Snails?

Shantal: Yes Snails.

Me: What do snails smell like?

Shantal: Like Snails of course.

Me: Of Course.

Then later down the street:

Shantal: Now it smells like Dead Bugs.

I didn't even respond to that.

I had another funny conversation with Shantal yesterday. I was going to go over to my sister's (Coleen) house to help out. She had a room where the carpet needed to be cleaned. So heavy furniture needed to be moved. Anyway here is the conversation that went with that.

Me: Shantal, I am running over to Coleen's to help clean. Do you want to come with? Or you can stay here with Grandma.

Shantal: I am on vacation!

Needless to say, Shantal stayed at Grandma's and played Wii Sports.


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