Saturday, March 8, 2008

Moss Droppings

What are those little creatures strewn about our front walkway, you thoughtfully ask? Well, if you read the title, you already know the answer. That's right, it's moss.

Moss is available in plenty here near rainy Düsseldorf. In fact, our grass is filled with moss, many of the walkways, signs, buildings, statues, etc. have a green tinge to them because they are so moist throughout most of the year, that they too have moss growing on them, just like our roof.

That is where these little guys on our front walkway came from - our roof (see close up below). The moss detaches itself from the roof after two or three days of cold and dry weather. We had a cold snap with no rain this week and lo and behold, moss is falling from the sky. Cool, huh!


C N Heidelberg said...

I love moss! Germany has so much of it, too!

christina said...

We get plenty of rain here too and I often walk down the street and think "What IS that lying on the sidewalk? Oh, it's just a big chunkc of moss." Your picture looks like a little hedgehog to me. Moss art!

Haddock said...

Germany sure does have a lot of moss! :)

Gardner said...

Generally this doesn't bother me and the falling moss cracks me up, but moss in the grass is a tough one. I keep having dreams of installing a subterranean drainage system so the grass is not so swamp like.

Maybe someday. I did it in Denver for different reasons - when clay filled dirt gets wet it expands causing foundation damage. It was a fun challenge. Not sure what the "Vermieter" would say.

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