Tuesday, March 25, 2008

White Out in Düsseldorf

Wow, was I shocked today when I looked at the window after lunch. There was nothing but white before my eyes. The snow was falling sideways, and the flakes were large.

The snow didn't stay, but it stayed cold throughout the day and into the night. Lulu experienced the same thing in the Köln-Bonn area. She got to go sledding, which we didn't get to do. Lulu's post has essentially the same title, but that's what it was, a real white out, followed by real winter weather.

We've only had real winter weather a few occasions in last two winters in Germany and everyone discusses the odd timing. At a church meeting tonight, for instance, someone mentioned some early planning for a Christmas activity. Several people at once then said, well the snow is already there, why not just celebrate now.


Warren said...

We had a very similar experience here in Ohio. It snowed on Easter, though nothing stuck. But just about a week before Easter, we had a near blizzard with 10 inches of snow. Unfortunatly, it happened on a Friday morning, so we only got half a day off work! If it happened earlier in the week, we could have gotten 2 days off! :)

I'm heading to Germany this weekend (Ramstein). I'm hoping the weather reports I'm seeing are true that it will be near 60 degrees there next week!!

Gardner said...

Wow, 10 inches. We were excited for 2 here in Düsseldorf. Ramstein - is that military related? I seem to remember a base being there.

Lynda said...

Hiya! Thanks for the link... the snow is gone now and so I head back to Cairo for a few days on the beach before school holidays are over... ain't life grand! Lovely blog header ... Cheers lulu

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