Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Emma Understands German

Emma is almost 3 years old. She will turn 3 on May 14th. When we moved here to Germany, she was 16 months old. I would say that Gardner speaks 90% of the time in German while he is talking with the kids. He has done this for years, before we ever moved here. Emma was our first child that he has mainly spoken German to since the day she was born.

Fast forward to the present. Today, I had Spencer and Hannah home from school sick. They were both laying on couches with blankets and pillows watching a movie. I needed to go take a shower so I could walk to the Grocery Store.

So in my broken German, I tell Spencer and Hannah, "Ich gehe oben unter den dusche. Bitte die zwei kleinen auf passen." For those that know German, you can see how bad my German is from that sentance. For those that don't know German I was saying that I was going up stairs to take a Shower and to please watch on the two small ones.

Why did I say it in German? I don't normally talk to the kids in German. But when I try to say something without wanting Emma to hear, I break out my German. I know Emma knows German, but I never know to what extent as she refuses to acknowledge me when I do so.

Anyway, All of a sudden, Emma chimes in: "I not a little one. I big." I was a little shocked. She knew what I said. And then I said, "what did you just say?" And she said it again. "I not a little one. I big." I gave her a great big hug and I said, you are right. You are big. Please help to watch Ian. And then she said, "but I don't want you to go." And I said, "go where?" And she said, "in the shower."

So, today I realized that Emma does understand German. Tons more than I ever gave her credit for. I actually think she might understand German more than me. I have even heard her speak German this week to a little boy. So cute to hear from *my* child who recently learned to talk.


Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

That is so cute! They say that children pick that stuff up easier than adults.

croppin carla said...

OMG that is too funny, they sure are smart when they are little....

Conibaer said...

Aww! That´s so cute! It´s great that your kids could speak two languages without problems! And your german is much better than you think!!!

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