Saturday, March 29, 2008

Grocery Shopping in Germany - Tips

Tamara, my lovely wife, is an expert in grocery shopping. So, what did she do when she moved to another country and had to re-learn many of her skills? Find out in Episode 14 of our Living in Germany podcast.

It includes such fun things as how to drive a four wheel shopping cart, the purpose of renting a shopping cart (say what?), why we shop at Aldi, and the endearing check-out process. Here's a picture of the toy we opened on the show - an Überraschungsei, which is a favorite here in Germany (Ueberraschungsei, Kinder Surprise, Magic Kinder). The little yellow egg containing the toy comes inside of a chocolate egg. Great fun for the kids.

The first several minutes are about the kiddos, including how Emma is doing with German.


Warren said...

Hi! About how long does it take for your podcasts to get to iTunes? I'm dying to listen to this podcast while I clean the house and get ready for my trip tp Germany, but it's not there yet :( It's 11:30am EST.


Gardner said...

this is actually an "old" podcast from last summer. I didn't state that very clearly. It should be available on iTunes.


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