Sunday, March 16, 2008

Meet our Bilingual Kids - Shantal

Here is a brief introduction to two of our bilingual children (started in September, 2007, and finally got this one posted).

It is enjoyable to see the children experiment with, learn, and ultimately master a new language. At the time of these podcasts our children had been living in Germany for almost a year now. They are both in the 3rd grade and have recently been asked to put their bilingual language skills to work: Shantal (see below) helps teach English in school & Spencer is translating into German at church.

At parents night Shantal's teacher explained that she has a new teaching assistant in English this year - Shantal. Children in Germany begin learning English in 3rd grade. When the teacher asks Shantal, Shantal speaks English to the kids asking them simple questions, such as "what color is this?" while holding up a card with a color on it. The children answer in English. Shantal also described her experiences in her own words in Episode 16 of our Shantal's first Living in Germany podcast.

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