Friday, March 14, 2008

Nice & Warm in Düsseldorf

I was in Düsseldorf [Elevation: 38 m (125 ft)] today and thought to myself. Wow, we are having some nice spring weather. How nice to have spring on the way. I went back to Ratingen [Elevation: 50 m (164 ft)] for my 2nd appointment of the morning and thought to myself; feels like spring will be here soon, but it's not quite here. It was noticeably different.

This is something that I've noticed quite often over the last 18 months as I travel from Ratingen to Düsseldorf to work, but I am still amazed at how different the weather is here in Ratingen compared to Düsseldorf. It's just about 10 miles (16 km) away and 40-70* feet (12-21 m) higher in elevation and yet such a drastic change.

*Where we live is a bit higher in elevation than the Ratingen city center. I estimate that we sit about 30 feet higher than Ratingen-Mitte.

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