Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

Some of the kids started the day out bright and early. I heard Emma and Hannah around 6am. And I just didn't care. I was too tired. A little before 7am, I decided I better head down stairs and stop Emma from eating all her candy. And to my surprise, she had not gotten any candy out.

Hannah's first thing she said to me was that a neighbor brought a basket to our back door. And it was still there. She said she waved to the kids and then left. The basket was full of chocolate and colored eggs. Now these eggs are interesting in itself. They sell at the store here in Germany pre-colored, hard boiled eggs. Now you might be saying to, that is fabulous. Takes a few steps out of making eggs. But we have come to find out last year, that these eggs taste really terrible. I don't know what the difference is, but we prefer the fresh hard boiled white eggs that we can dye ourselves if we feel so inclined.

After the kids were all awake, I made them put their baskets up so that Ian wouldn't get into anything. The rule I made was nothing until after church.

We went to church and oh man, the kids came home with so much stuff. Who needed the Easter Bunny. Seriously, they all came home with lots of chocolate.

We had invited a friend over for lunch. And there is not enough room inside our van for her to ride with us. So Gardner rode the train and bus home and Hannah went with him. I took everyone else in the van. Now, there was a reasoning for me sending Hannah with Gardner even though we had enough room in the van for Hannah.

See, Hannah still believes in the Easter Bunny. Of course Emma and Ian don't know the difference. But as soon as we walked in the door, Emma and Ian went down for naps. Spencer and Shantal were VERY excited to play the Easter Bunny and hide the eggs for Emma and Ian to find. The instructions to them were that it had to be easy for the little kids. And Spencer and Shantal did a pretty good job.

While Spencer and Shantal were hiding eggs in our Living Room, Our Friend and I was in the back yard hiding eggs for the bigger kids. We actually did a pretty good job of hiding them. It took the kids a little while until all eggs, chocolate and bags of candy were accounted for. I must also say that this morning, we woke up to snow on the ground. But, as we got home, it was perfect for an Easter Egg Hunt. You will be able to see in the pictures that some of them still have snow and some there is none. It depended on the shade in the backyard.

Ian had a ball finding the eggs inside the house. Emma didn't help out as much. The nap made her a bit moody. But she was very excited to find a chocolate bunny and a bag of candy and basically forgot all about the eggs after that.

We ended the day by watching Harry Potter. It was the first one. And I have to say, this is the first Harry Potter we have ever seen. It is a shocker, I know. We just never have gotten into the Harry Potter Craze. But I think now, Gardner is going to be wanting to see the rest. Not to mention I am sure that is all Spencer will be talking about for awhile.

Here are some pictures of our day today. Normally, I put them in chronilogical order of when I took them. But since I don't want to deal with blogger today, they are really in no order what so ever. And I am leaving it that way.

Ian putting his first egg find in the carton.

Ian found a bag of candy and Chocolate Bunny.

You can see the snow on the ground here. What is left of it anyway.

And look, no snow here at all.

Hannah scored a bag of candy that was up in a tree.

These were taken first thing in the morning. This is what the Easter Bunny brought all the kids.

Here is the snow fall we received during the night. Hannah was very shocked to see snow on Easter.


Heredia Family/Yvie said...

Happy Easter!!

Sounds like the kids had lots of fun. That was real nice of your neighbor to leave a basket on your door. You don't find people that do that anymore around here at least.

Maria said...

Happy Easter!

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