Sunday, March 16, 2008

Kids First Podcasts

Had to split the post into two, one for each child:


Tobie said...

Shantal's podcast played, but Spencer's didn't :(

Gardner said...

Thanks for the update. I have updated the player for Spencer's show. Hopefully it works now.

Warren said...


In one of the podcasts, you mentioned that you had a German Au Pair while you were in the US. I would really like my 3 year-old son to learn German, but due to an uncooperative boss, I am no longer allowed to take German classes during work hours and the school doesn't offer the classes I need in the evening. I live in Ohio. Can you recommend a site that has a list of Au Pairs from Germany?

Gardner said...

I can't recommend a site because officially we hosted a friend of a friend of a friend on her vacation in the U.S. She needed to visit an English speaking country for her studies.

She naturally helped out around the house and watched the kids and played with the kids. We treated her a bit like an Au pair, or better said, like part of the family, and it was a great experience. We call her our Au pair now for lack of a better term, but we didn't officially hire an Au pair.

We did, however, look at Au pair sites online and we found many sites that seemed trustworthy and reasonable. Government sites also explain what rules apply. They set the boundaries pretty clearly and that seems to make it into a program that works.

Best of luck and I hope it works out for your family.

nfrech said...

@Warren - I was a German AuPair in America quite a while ago (summer 1996 to summer 1997) and the association via which I went there was called "Au Pair in America" (; the German partner organisation was the "Gesellschaft für internationale Jugendkontakte", GIJK, which today is the American Insitute for Foreign Study AIFS ( Have a look at their websites.
Hope that helps, Nicolette

Gardner said...

thanks for the good info.

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