Monday, March 24, 2008

Snow Fun

Today when I woke up, it started to snow. And not just snowing for like 10 minutes like it has for the last couple weeks. This time, it was coming down. And it actually was where the kids could go outside to play.

Emma was at her first real play date with a friend, Parker, who is moving back to America next week. And Ian was at nap. So the three bigger kids went out to have a great time in the back yard. Imagine my surprise when I looked out and saw this:

Shantal was sitting on this great big huge snowball. I had to grab my camera. And as I am taking her picture, she tells me that Hannah also has made one.

It was so funny to watch them trying to push this snow ball around. It got to be too big and too heavy for them to roll. They were grunting so loudly. And all this time, I thought they were making these snow balls to make a snowman. Oh no, that was not the case. They were making chairs with a place to put their feet. Take a look at their creations:

Shantal's was pretty complex. Take a look at how she dug it out so she could actually sit inside of it. She did a fabulous job. I was definately impressed.

After I took some pictures of the kids outside, I came back in the house and watched them from the window. All of a sudden, I saw this read bag fly over the bushes. Now this is not an uncommon thing that happens here. We live around 7 older couples who are a lot like Grandma's and Grandpa's to my kids. The one told the girls that the Easter Bunny was here.

And here is what was inside that red flying bag.

And lastly, I have to put up a picture of Spencer. He was sitting on the swing with this big thing of snow. I didn't know what he was doing it with but as I got closer, I could tell he was not in a good mood. Something to do with the girls. Anyway, I had to snap a picture anyway. After all, I need a picture of him to document that he actually was outside playing in it at some point. :) Poor thing just wants to have a brother old enough to play with. Ian just doesn't do it some days.


Maria said...

LOL! It must have taken a long time to get a snowball that big with that little snow! :)

croppin carla said...

AWWWW how cute are all those pictures......and Im sure that they had fun in the snow...if you were here....they could build and build and build snowmen for days........

Lala said...

Look slike they really had a great time enjoying the snow.. and you got some great images!



Cindy aka HappyStamper said...

Cute photos! Poor Spencer- I just wanna give him a hug!

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