Wednesday, March 19, 2008

American Flag Football

What do Germans do when presented with an American Football and a brief explanation of the rules? Well, they play American Football. And pretty darn well, I must admit.

Spencer and I hosted a Fathers-n-Sons American Flag Football day for the boys in Spencer's class back in February. We called the Fathers-n-Sons Superbowl. It was a great day. Five fathers with their sons came for the event. We played one game of football (Giants were victorious) and then ate some breakfast (everyone brought something to share). And then we played another game (Patriots won). We played according to international flag football rules, which are well thought out and simplified some of the rules and made it easier for us to explain. The rules were also available in German, which helped me not have to translate everything.

It was a great day for football. I have only seen a few days with such great weather here in Düsseldorf, and that Saturday in February, was one of them. It was typical Fall football weather. Cool weather, warmed slightly by the sun. Beautiful.

The games turned out beautifully as well. And, it was a great day for Spencer. He played quarterback much of the time and was able to lead and direct the team very nicely. We talked about some of the highlights in our podcast. Enjoy:


Maria said...

That's awesome!

Gardner said...

@Maria - thanks. It was a ton of fun.

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