Tuesday, January 29, 2008

An Un-Titled Post

hmmmm, Blogger always asks me what my titles are going to be. And I can never figure out what an appropriate title would be for what I am going to post about. This one is no different. I'll just jump in with typing and see what kind of title I come up with.

So, the last entry I posted here was photos. I said I had more photos and I would add them the next day. Well, Here I am a week later, and still no update. Well, I know why I haven't updated, but the world does not. I have wondered about the idea of posting about it here on my blog. And the thing is, I started this blog for me and for my family overseas (well, I guess I am the one who went overseas. But you know what I mean). And so to keep them updated, I am going to post about it. And then, all others who are now avid readers and those who stumble upon this enjoy the read. lol

So, as most know, I have had a pretty bad case of Anemia this past year. Back in May when I saw my doctor, he had blood drawn and was astounded at my hemoglobin level. He couldn't believe I was alive. Since then, I get blood drawn every few months. I am supposed to get a b12 shot every other week and I take Iron pills once a day and also vitamins with iron.

One and a half weeks ago, I went in and they did blood again to see where I am at, how I am progressing. I went back for my results last Tuesday (remember, the last time I posted). Come to find out, my hemoglobin level is improving ever so slowly. But improving. There was another thing (this german stuff gets me as I don't understand everything the doctor says) that also was improving. But one thing was not getting better. Matter of fact, it was getting worse.

My doctor was pretty baffled. So he began to ask me about my monthly cycles. And since having Ian 1 1/2 years ago and the d&c afterwards for part of the placenta being left inside, I have had it pretty bad. I chalked it up to having 5 kids and my body changing. It never occured to me that something might be wrong. He sent me Wednesday to see a Gynocologist who did an ultrasound and decided that my doctor was right. I needed to have a d&c again to clean me out.

So on Friday last week, I had a d&c. But he has told me that won't fix my problem. I will have to have this done a few times a year. That with the fact I am done having kids and wanted to get my tubes tied, he decided it was best if I have a hysterectomy. It was a little hard at first for me to swallow. I am 38 years old. I am not that old. And I have always thought that was for you know, older people. And this would mean no more kids. Now, like I just said, I am done. I wanted my tubes tied. But this is really final. I just didn't expect it at all.

So, next Tuesday, I will be admitted to the hospital and having Surgery on Wednesday. They don't play around here in Germany. When they decide to do something, they do it right away. He actually wanted me to have the surgery this week. But, I told him it was just too soon. I have 5 kids and need some time to organize things here first. And I will be in the hospital for 7 days he says.

I do have my mother in law coming out here to help with the kids. She will arrive towards the end of my hospital stay. Thank goodness for cheaper airfares right now and her willingness to come out. I know it will take some time to heal even after I get released from the hospital. So it will be nice to have her here. From what I hear, the way that it is being done, 3 weeks looks like the recovery time. But of course, everyone is different. So we will see.

So there you have it. Still no appropriate title has jumped out at me. Now you see why I can't figure out a title for this blog entry?


Briteeyes said...

A hysterectomy is very final. I am glad to hear you are able to get some family out there to help you out. Don't forget to get a blessing from your hubby before you go in. Your family is in our prayers for a speedy recovery and an easy time for Gramma with the kids... love ya

christina said...

Wow, that was some entry! I have many of the same issues (anemia, heavy periods due to fibroids etc) and my doc also suggested a hysterectomy, but I'm not at the point where I want to do that yet.
The doc was probably saying that your hemoglobin looks OK but that your ferritin levels, the iron stores, are still down. It can take up to a year to get those filled up, I think, if they were totally depleted. I've been taking iron supplements for many months now and the doc says my levels are OK but I'm still not feeling myself yet.

Good luck with your operation, I'm sure everything will go smoothly and you'll be right as rain in a few weeks.

The Pack Family said...

I had to have a hysterectomy when my son was only two....I was 28 and I did not want to be done have kids, Infact i was very distraught over the whole thing.. But I quickly learned that everything happens for a reason, even that. And even though i only gave birth to the one, i was given the other, and she is wonderful.. and i seem to always have a house full of kids. So dont worry- Happiness can be found in any situation.

Maria said...

Good luck! I'll say a prayer for you! And it is great that your mother-in-law can come help out.

Janet said...

wow, tamara... i hope your surgery goes well! we'll be praying for you! i hope this helps you feel better!

Janet said...

wow, tamara... i hope your surgery goes well! we'll be praying for you! i hope this helps you feel better!

Kay said...

I'm so glad Gardner's mom can come to help out. I told dad I would forgo going to Puerta Vallarta(I know it is spelled wrong) so I could help you out, but he was really looking forward to going to Mexico for his retirement get-away. Since she can come, I don't feel quite as guilty. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.

DBunny said...

Hope your sugery goes well! As scary as it is, you'll probably end up feeling so much better in the long run. I had a close friend have one and know of all the weird emotional things that can pop up, like being made "old", having no womb, loss of the feminine. She felt so much better, though, that she said it was all much easier to deal with than she feared. Hope for you as well =:-)

Btw, I can relate on that anemia thing. Been on iron pills since I moved here. (At least the German docs ran a blood test instead of just telling me I was crazy, though. They like testing things here and that's good.)

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