Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Date With Mom

Well, tonight was Shantal's turn to go out with Tamara and something amazing happened along the way.

The background is that in about October I started taking the kids out on dates so that we could spend time together and do something fun. I work long hours here in Germany and see the kids only rarely during the week. Since then I rotated, so that every 2 or 3 weeks one of the older kids would have a date with Dad. We decided over the holidays that Tamara should do the same with the children.

So tonight was Shantal's turn and they were planning on seeing the moving Enchanted (Verw├╝nscht). As they looked up the movie times at our local theater, Emma came onto the scene.

When Emma realized what Shantal and Tamara were discussing, i.e., a date with Mom, she became sad (she was a bit tired today) and whiny. She said. I want to go on a date with Mom! When do I get to go on a date with mom? Can I go? I think she then began to cry.

It caught me by surprise, because we had never discussed "dates with Dad or Mom" with Emma. But she knew that she was missing out on something really fun and wanted to participate. I sure underestimate the kids sometimes.

Emma and Tamara decided to go on a date before Shantal and Mom. The other kids then thought that all of the dates would be today, which naturally was not possible. Emma and Mom walked down to the "Frische Markt" and bought an ice cream cone. Then they walked back together. It was reported by a very enthusiastic 2.5 year old that the ice cream was cold.

Shantal and mom were equally excited when they returned from the movies this evening. It brought a great spirit of peace into our home. I'm glad we have started this tradition and hope to continue with the "dates".

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Maria said...

I think that is a wonderful idea. When there are multiple children in a household, the special time of a "date" is never forgotten-- by the parent or child. I used to (and still do really) cherish chances to spend time alone with my dad. Not sure why not as much with my mom, but I don't really remember as many "alone times" with mom as I do dad.

March 2007