Monday, May 21, 2007

Week At A Glance

So it has been a week since I posted. And so much has happened. But, I have been so sick, that my posting has been neglected for a comfy position on my couch. Now, I will try to fill in the best I can on things that have been happening this past week, but remember what I just said, I have been so sick. So, chances are I will miss a thing or two.

For starters, the thing that pops into my head is Hannah. Hannah lost her first tooth. She lost it on Tuesday May 15th. It was right before bed. She was so very excited. She pulled it out right there in front of me. Of course, it grossed me out. But what is a mom to do? So I did only what I could at that point. I grabbed a baggie and told her to toss it in there. As she was tending to the bleeding that came with the tooth being pulled out, I wrote on the baggie, as I have done with every single tooth that has come out of my kids mouths. I wrote her name, the date in which it came out, what number tooth it was and which tooth it was. Spencer saw me doing this and I told him I did it to all of his as well. And all the teeth in the baggies are in my top dresser drawer. What I will ever do with them, I am not sure. But I still have them all. Funniest part to me about the whole tooth incident was, Hannah never did put her tooth under her pillow that night. Once she pulled it out, she forgot about it. But, thankfully, the tooth fairy is Smart enough to know where to find these teeth even if they are not under the pillow. In exchange, Hannah got a shiny Euro coin. She instantly told me she was going to go and buy another pretzel from the bakery with it so she can get even more loose teeth. On a side note, I did get a good picture of her tooth hanging the day before it came out. And of course, got the hole in the mouth shot as well.

I have spent a lot of time on my couch this past week. I have been so light headed, dizzy and nauseated. I went into the doctor on Wednesday and they took my blood. Sent 3 things of blood off to the lab. I do go back tomorrow afternoon to see if they can figure anything out.

We had our first official guests to come and stay at Hotel Wheeler. When Gardner was here in Germany on his mission 16 years ago, he met a Girl named Elke. All these years, they have kept in touch. She now lives in Hamburg with her husband Joe and son Tom. They came on Wednesday and stayed for two nights. We actually got the bed put together the day they arrived. Gardner had to run out to IKEA one more time (total of 4 times) to tell them to open a box and give us the pieces we needed. They still have not arrived in the mail. We never did get the dresser put together or the nightstands. But, the room was clean, a king size bed with new sheets, a twin bed for Tom and of course, the shower and bathroom which is right next to the bedroom. Gardner even bought a brand new shower head that morning for them as well. The biggest thing they commented on when I was showing them their room, was the sauna that is in the bathroom area. So note to all potential guests and visitors.....There is a sauna if that is something that interests you. We just need to figure out how to use it. So give us a heads up.

While they were here, We had a holiday. Of course, I can not keep track of what holidays are what anymore, since there are so many of them. And I just asked Gardner and he said the same thing, he can't keep track either. (Gardner just looked it up and it was Christi Himmelfahrt, Ascension Day) The point of the story is, there was no school or work last Thursday due to a holiday. Then Joe was telling us that it was also Father's Day. Gardner and I were more than shocked. I said outloud, I guess we will be celebrating in June, like the American's. I definately was taken off guard and was not prepared for that. I did have one child that was prepared. It was Hannah. She had made Gardner a Father's Day Card at School the day before.

To celebrate this day, Gardner found a Baseball Game in Duesseldorf that was going on. So everyone went to the game except myself, Emma and Ian. I was not feeling well. Remember, the couch was my best friend. And then Emma and Ian were napping. They all came home telling me they had hamburgers. The Kids were very excited about this.

Gardner has another trip to Sweden planned for work next week. I am a little nervous about that with as sick as I have been the last two weeks. I just hope that whatever is going on with my body can be fixed fast. I need more energy, most definately. And then this nauseated crap has got to stop. Reminds me too much of my pregnancy days!

Speaking of Sick....Ian is sick. The poor boy. I feel so bad for him. And he is so hot. I keep giving him tylenol. He just cries. There is not much I can do for him. I hate it when the kids are sick. What is worse is when I am sick as well. It really is harder to take care of him. I am hoping he will sleep through the night. I doubt it. But for him and me, we both need it.


Rebecca said...

Ugh! I just want you to feel better soon! I hope you get some answers this week.

Tamara said...

You and me both Rebecca. Hopefully tomorrow! Thanks!

Tracy said...

Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like a lot has been happening in your house. Take it easy.

Abby said...

I hope you and Ian are feeling better soon! And congrats to Hannah for losing her first tooth!!

Harwood Family said...

Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Hope you and Ian get better soon. I know it's hard to have a little one sick, especially when you are not feeling well. It's good to hear from you. I had no idea you were such a scrapper!!

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