Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mother's Day

Just a fast update to show what I got for Mother's Day from the kids:

These are some things Hannah made during Sacrament Meeting with the Lady who sat behind us, Sister Klein.

This is a picture Frame Shantal made at school. In English it says: mama is nice. She likes Scrapbooking. I am always there. Shantal And then it says in the corner, Mom and I.

Here is Spencer's Picture Frame. It says:

Love is Mama. Mama is nice. I like my Mama. Spencer. Around the frame it says: mama, Mother's Day, Mama.

Emma made this in Nursery. It is a snow globe where they put a picture of Emma inside.

On the otherside of the Snow Globe, is a picture of Hannah. She did not have a present for me, felt bad and so the Nursery Leader saved a spot for a picture of Hannah.

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