Monday, May 7, 2007

Saturday, What A Day!

So, I was woken up Saturday morning by some kids. And I noticed I had a huge headache. It really hurt. And I don't get headaches very often. And when I do, I usually sleep and it goes away. Here it is morning, and I have one. I was not too thrilled.

Like I said, I was woken up. Shantal came into my room with Emma and showed me Emma's bottle. She had bit the nipple totally and completly off. I immediatly said, are done with bottles! She had bit a nipple earlier in the week and we only had one left. And they are the playtex bottles that take liners. They don't carry them here in Germany. Matter of fact, the ones we had Gardner's parents brought to us at Christmas time. When Emma bit her nipple earlier in the week, I told her that when she turns two, she will no longer have a bottle. As if she is biting them, she is defintaly too old for them. So here we are with no more nipples. I was already sharing the one bottle with Ian and Emma.

I was a little worried about taking the bottles away from her. The only thing she has in the bottles is drinkable yogurts anyway. But she has one everytime she goes to nap and bed. But I must say.....She has done REMARKABLE. Seriously, no crying. She cried more with the bottle. She has not missed it. And she has gone down for nap and bedtime 3 times each.

On Saturday, we also put up a swing set in the backyard. Or, I should say we tried to put up a swingset. We have had it in our garage since February. We got it from our friends who moved back to America. They gave it to us for free. The whole time we were trying to put it together, Spencer was commenting on what a piece of junk the swingset was. Remember, we could not figure it out how it went together. I told him, at least it was a free piece of Junk. But we did finally figure it out and got it put up. Emma was the happiest by far with this new piece of equipment in our yard.

We also re-arranged our furniture in the Living Room on Saturday. I folded 4 baskets of laundry. Went Grocery Shopping at 2 different stores. And then, I tried to do some scrapbooking on top of it because Saturday is what is known as National Scrapbook Day. But remember my headache, it was so bad, I ended up getting in bed at 10pm and looked at the computer for a bit before getting to bed.

And guess what! I woke up Sunday morning....with a headache again. This is so abnormal for me. And the pain was so intense, I am sure it had to be a migraine on Saturday. And Sunday when I woke up I decided to actually take something for the headache. It made me feel better for part of the day.

And then it came to me. Some of you know that I am anemic. When I was in the hospital while pregnant with Ian, I had a full overhaul. They have me 5 bags of potassium, a bag of calcium, a bag of zinc. And they told me I was anemic. As I was being fed intreviously for a month, my iron count started going up. And it continued to go up while I finished out my pregnancy. But I was still anemic when I moved here to Germany. But I stopped taking my iron pills. Why, I guess I thought I just did not need them anymore. But I was wrong. I have so many symptoms of Anemia and I am guessing that my anemia has worsened in a big way. I started taking my pills again yesterday. But it will take months before I am totally better. I need to get to a doctor and see how bad it is. I am not to the stage of craving dirt or paper yet. (yes, this is one of the symptoms that it is overly bad.) And I still get up out of bed everyday.

And here I am on day three of my headache. And my joint in my knees hurt real bad today. I am just hoping I can get back to normal soon.

On another note, today I bought a new movie at the Grocery Store. We shop at this Grocery Store that brings in some non food items 2 times a week. And when they are gone, they are gone. Today the movie, "Just Like Heaven" came out. Gardner and I were talking about this movie just within the last month. So we decided to get it. Great thing about movies here in Germany, they come in English and German.

I also got a few scrapbooking layouts done this past weekend even with my headache. I'm going to upload them seperatly. I was participating in an online scrapbooking event for National Scrapbook Day. It is a place called Scrap Freak. And I already won one prize and am hoping I am the lucky winner of another prize. I will find out later today.

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Suzy said...

Wow! You need to take care of yourself. Glad you figured out what is was that was giving you the headaches. {{{HUGS}}}

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