Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Did Someone Want A Haircut?

Soooooo, Today I noticed that Hannah, who is 6, decided she wanted a Hair cut. Did she tell me she wanted a hair cut? NOOOOOOOOO. That would of been too easy. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and chopped. I asked her when did she cut it and she said yesterday after lunch. Somehow, I can't see that I was that out of it and did not notice it. So I really think she did it today. I hate it when the kids decide to cut their hair! ARGH!

Shantal said that Hannah cut her own hair before when we lived in Wisconsin. And Shantal was right, Hannah's hair was cut. But Hannah did not do it then. It was Spencer and Shantal who did it. So this is the second time I get to try and fix her hair. I am considering leaving it as is.

I seriously was mad! Now her hair can not be put in braids or even a pony tail anymore. I made her cry when I told her I could just shave it all off. I know....I get the bad mommy award AGAIN this week!

Now, this is too cute. This is Hannah's Baby Born Car. It is for her doll. Well, the kids have started to put Ian on it and pull him around the house. Ian LOVES it and is sooooo unbelievably happy!

So my sore muscles have gone away from working out in the yard on Saturday. Just in time for me to do some more work. We ended up planting some carrots and some cucumbers out where we were working on Saturday. We were going to plant some flowers and plants, but decided after so much work, we wanted to plant veggies. So, before we leave here, we will have to plant some flowers. But for now, I look forward to the end of summer when we get to eat what we planted. Too bad we don't have more room for more stuff like we did in Wisconsin.

I went to the doctors again today. Of course, got another wonderful shot. I am starting to have more energy. I don't just want to lay around all day like before. I am able to take care of the kids. I might still get tired or light headed. But it is short lived and with a little rest, I can get something else accomplished.


Coleen said...

Wow! What did you end up doing with Hannah's hair?

Tamara said...

so far nothing. I've left it as is. She complains about those pieces being left down when I pull up her hair. HA! Maybe that will teach her!

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