Saturday, May 26, 2007

Saturday Is A Working Day

Seems so strange that it is 9:30pm and it is still light outside. The sun is going down, but still there is light.

Today I spent a good couple of hours outside working in the yard. In our way back, where I can't even see, we had weeds that were almost as tall as I am. They were so thick as well, it took a lot of effort and strength to pull those things up. I think I over did it just a tad today, and now am feeling pretty sick tonight.

I just finish putting the kids to bed. It is late as they normally go to bed around 7:30pm. As I was putting everyone in bed, Emma, who just turned two, blew me her first kiss. It was so cute and amazing. Just made me smile and feel so loved at the same time.

We are talking about moving the kids around, bedroom wise. Right now, we have Spencer (8 years) and Ian (almost 9 months) in a room together. We also have Shantal (10 years) and Emma (2 Years) in a room together. Hannah (6 years) sleeps in a foyer at the top of the stairs. We are talking about putting the babies together in the small room because bedtime has become so terrible now that it is light so long outside. Then we will put the three big kids in the other bedroom which is really big. We can get all 3 bunk beds plus all their dressers in there and they still have lots of room in the middle for playing. That is how big it is. We would then put a couch out in the foyer so the kids could have their reading corner like I wanted when we first moved in our house.

Of course, something like that takes time and energy. There is no school or work until Wednesday. So we might be using our days off working on organizing our house more.

One more thing, I failed to mention earlier in the week that I did something to my ankle. I don't exactly know what I did, but it does hurt to walk on it. Finally I asked Gardner today if it looked swollen and he said it in deed is. Probably sprained it doing who knows what. Just add that to my list of goodies I am going through. Oh, and I enjoyed another shot in my butt again yesterday. I bet you are jealous!


Coleen said...

I'm sorry about your shots and everything :-( It reminds me that I need to keep taking my vitamins (especially my B12 sublingual) every day!!

{monica} said...

Yuck on those shots and so sorry about your ankle. But the little kiss your daughter blew to sweet is that?!

Tonya said...

awww, what a sweet memory
icky on shots AND a sore ankle.
hope you feel better!

Monica said...

Don't over do it woman. Take care of your body it is telling you to rest.

The Fake Monica

March 2007