Thursday, May 31, 2007

Time To Celebrate!

Oh My Gosh! Hannah, who is 6 did something today for the first time! She TALKED in school. Yes, I said it was her first time. I know how strange it sounds.

Let me give some background.......

In America, she was in preschool when she was 4. Only sat on the carpet for 2 1/2 hours. Never participated and never talked.

Then she started Kindergarten in America. She participated a little because the teacher made her stay late to finish things if she did not do them when the class did them. But she still did not talk.

We moved here to Germany. Hannah has been going to Kindergarten, which is like Preschool in America. She has never talked at school. But she does participate. She runs around with the other kids, she does art, eats breakfast. So I felt she had made super progress. She just was not talking.

Some of the kids have invited Hannah over to play and Hannah will talk at their house, but not at the school. They always say that Hannah has such a pretty voice. I think it is because they are not used to hearing it.

Well, today, I went to pick her up and one of the kids said to me.....Hannah talked today in Kindergarten. I was pleasantly surprised. Then one of the teachers gave me the look of: It was amazing! She actually did it!

So as I was walking to the van with Hannah, she told me. Mom, I talked at school today. I said, really, to who? And she said, the whole Kindergarten. There are 50 kids and 5 teachers. So when she decided to talk, she really went for the big "Here I Am!" effect. I thought perhaps she would talk to one or two people when she first said something. But no, she did it in front of the whole school.

Hopefully, this means, she will continue to talk. If history repeats itself, then she will talk, every day. That is how everything is with her. Once she does it one time, she continues to do it. She did not eat breakfast for so long at school. Finally, one day she did and has ever since. Same thing with going to the bathroom at school. She refused to go. Sometimes, she would have accidents on the way home from school from holding it so long. She finally broke down and went at school and now goes all the time. So I am hoping the talking thing is no different and that she is finally going to talk everyday.

I am sooooooo very happy right now!

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Coleen said...

Wow!!!! That's amazing!!! If I were there, I'd be celebrating with ya!!

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