Thursday, May 10, 2007

My Joyous Day

So, I woke up again this morning with the same headache I went to bed with. Matter of fact, I woke up too many time to count during the night because it hurt so much. So, I called the doctor this morning. They got me in within 2 hours from the time I called. From my visit, this is what I got: I have low blood pressure. Other than that, I know nothing. He said my headaches could be from the low blood pressure. It could be from the change in the weather, It could be from vision problems, Perhaps it could be from the Anemia I mentioned. It could be because I have gained a bit of weight since I had Ian. There are so many reasons why I have these headaches and you just can't be too sure. So, he said we will start with drawing blood. OK, I thought. We need to make an appointment. So off to the front desk I went to make my appointment to get some blood work done. My jaw about hit the floor when she asked if I could come back next Wednesday to get it done. I have to suffer at least 6 more days before they will do anything else for me. I am so frustrated and in so much pain. I just cry. He did tell me not to carry my kids so much and also to try to relax and take it easy. None of those things are going to be happening. Not with my 5 kids. He did say they would normally give something to me, I would assume for the pain. But since I was still breastfeeding, that he could not give it to me.

Well, onto the Joys of my next thing that happened today. We got oil! Yes we did. I have never been so excited to spend 3,000 Euros that we don't have. We ended up buying 5,000 liters of oil instead of 2000. Gardner thought we had 1500 liters when we moved in. But he checked and there were 4000 liters. So we decided we needed at least that amount, and then a little bit more as well.

Well, our oil delivery started out terribly. We live in a row of townhouses and my house is not next to the street. But, there is a long row of garages right in front of our house. We are not allowed to use this and people like the oil truck is not allowed to park there. Well, I heard his truck backing in due to the beeping it was making and threw on my shoes to tell him he had to move. Just as I came out my door, so did the neighbor. So, with his better German, he told the man he had to move. This did not go over well at all. The man refused to move. Then I was telling him and he said, it is only 5,000 liters. I'm not moving. Next comes over one of the owners of the Garage demanding him to move his truck. The two of them were having a yelling match. In the end, the owner of the garages got him to move his truck and also took down the name of the company he worked for to make his complaint. It was high drama all over me getting some oil for some hot water.

Now, that we have oil, we had to wait 6 hours before we could turn it on. Or so our landlord told us. The oil company told Gardner on the phone 2 hours. And the man who delivered the oil said 1 hour. I waited 3 1/2 hours and then turned it on. Guess, what? It would not work. Something is STILL wrong with it. Which means we have no hot water....STILL. I made a phone call and now we have someone coming out at 8am to check it out and hopefully get us back in the land of hot water and a bit of heat. I so want to wash dishes. So I hope it works out tomorrow. ARGH!

Tomorrow, Hannah goes to the Elementary School for a few hours. She walks with all the kids going to the school next year from her Kindergarten. I am anxious to see how she does without me there. I am actually VERY nervous as last time we went, she screamed and cried and refused to participate. Hopefully it will be different without me and with Debbie, her friend who loves to hold her hand.

Hannah also has a loose tooth. She has had this for a week now. But today when I picked her up, It was basically just hanging there. She went to bed tonight with it still in there. Sure looks like it will fall out at any minute. I find loose teeth disgusting and yet my kids always want me to wiggle it. It is kind of like the nails down the chalkboard type of thing for me. And I think that is why my kids like me touching their teeth, to see my reaction.

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