Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blood Test Results

So I went to the doctors on Tuesday. The long awaited day arrived.

My doctor said he was shocked that I was able to do ANYTHING besides just lay around almost dead like because my numbers looked terrible. Of course, he used some other english words, but I probably should not share them. My hemoglobin level should be at a 13 for me and mine was an 8,8. I don't know if that says much in english as I am not good with stuff like this. My Anemia did take a turn for the worse, and I was right about that.

Anyway, I ended up getting a Vitamin b12 shot right then and there and have to go back 2 times a week for awhile. Then it will drop to 1 time a week. Um, yeah, my kids were laughing that I had to get it in my butt.

I also have iron pills that I have to take 2 times a day to start. Then after the 10th day, I can decrease it to 1 time a day. Once again, my kids laughed hearing that these pills will turn my poop black. (What is it with my kids?)

I also have to start checking my blood sugars to see what my levels are at. I have my own monitor from all my pregnancies where I had to consistanly check them. That was good enough for him.

Then I have to go back in and get more blood work taken.

None of it is fun for me. None of it makes me want to shout I'm happy to be taking that or getting pricked there!

Dr does not know how long until I can get back to "normal". It can be still a good few weeks before I start to feel a bit better.

Then Wednesday morning, I woke up VERY sick. I got up at 5:30am to feed Ian. I knew that my stomach did not feel well. After I fed Ian, I ended up in the bathroom for a good 45 minutes just dry heaving over and over and over again. It was terrible.


Tracy said...

I am glad that they are finally able to help you. Sorry for the sore bum!

Holly Lane said...

I am soo glad they are helping you and figuring out whats going on!
Sorry you were sick, I feel for you :(

Coleen said...
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Coleen said...
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Coleen said...

Sounds like you might be having sympathy sickness and weakness for me! (or is it the other way around?) I had my first experience with dumping syndrome with breakfast this morning. Ick. I was sick all day!! (and, of course, I'm still ALWAYS worn out).

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