Wednesday, March 7, 2007


So, I failed to mention that on Monday, I taught Spencer how to tie shoes. I know....he is 8 years old and should already have known how to do this. But thanks to the invention of Velcro, I have never taught my kids how to do this. But since the kids are getting bigger, it is harder to find velcro shoes.

Shantal learned while in Wisconsin. Only she did not learn it from me. She learned it from watching other kids at school tie their shoes and then tried it over and over again.

Spencer was getting very frustrated. He wanted to learn so badly. He kept saying it was hard. I told him I knew it was not easy. Then he would comment that it looked easy. Well, after about half hour of trying, he got it. Then he kept practicing. He has now worn his new shoes for 2 days. And he is the only one who has tied those shoes. Good for him!

Spencer has a tooth that is almost out as well. It is one of his top teeth. I am sure he will have it out tonight. He plays with it continually until it is out. He won't even go to sleep until he has managed to pull it out. It really grosses me out. I can't stand to see it hanging, to touch it, wiggle it, none of it. My kids think it is funny that I get the ewwws from this. They laugh everytime.

Spencer asked me today if I knew how much the tooth fairy would be giving him once the tooth comes out. I said, probably a Euro. He said, "oh, I thought it would be more". He knows who the tooth fairy is. But we talk in code since Hannah does not. He got more than a Euro last time he lost one when we lived in Duesseldorf. But I kept forgetting to pay him, so I felt the tooth fairy owed him interest.

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