Friday, March 30, 2007

Kids Art

Well, I have some updates to make, but no time right now. So I thought I would quickly post a few pictures of some art that the kids have done and then brought home from schools.

This first one is from Hannah. As you can see, it is an Easter Basket with Grass. Inside is a bunny and a colored Egg.

This is also from Hannah, as you can see her name on the pot. Whatever is planted is already starting to sprout. I guess we will all be surprised on what actually pops out.

Both Shantal and Spencer brought one of these home today from school.

Shantal made both of these this week at school. They are really cute in person. They are to hang on a tree. A big thing here at Easter time, to decorate trees.

This is our door to our backyard. The kids used paints on it for a Family Activity. We got these paints a few years ago from Grandma Wheeler.

I also have some pictures I took of Ian this past week. Some are just too cute not to share!

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