Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Happy Birthday Gardner!

Happy Birthday Gardner! We all got up this morning and before we left for school, we called Gardner in Sweden and sang "Happy Birthday" to him. The kids really enjoyed that. Then they all sent him some e-birthday cards. It was fun watching them choose which one they wanted to send. Spencer sent one where you have to put the tail on the monkey. Shantal sent one that talked about a date at home watching tv and that she would get all the fun on HIS birthday. And then Hannah sent a cute bear card that talked about smiles, presents and a great day. Very interesting how they were all different.

Did you also know that today is Chocolate Cheesecake Day? How about Dentist Day? As I was looking for just the right card for Gardner, it showed us what special days were coming up. And these are today. Tomorrow is Cereal Day.

The first Tuesday of every month, there is a local church that has a youth activity for the kids. Today they made Pizza. Shantal has been going for a few months now. You have to be 6 to go and now that Hannah is six, she was able to attend if she wanted. Well, she wanted to. But then when it was time to go, she decided to stay home. But she wanted to go with me to drop Shantal off. While doing so, I talked her into staying. When I came back for them, Hannah was having so much fun with all the girls. You could hear both my girls just talking a lot, including Hannah.

We really need to find more activities for them to be involved in. And Hannah was actually invited to go with a few girls from her Kindergarten class to their dance class tomorrow. That way she could check it out. Well, when another girls mom asked Hannah today if she was interested in this, Hannah said, "I like Dancing". It was nice. This mom also invited Hannah over to play again this week. I am so glad she is taking an interest in helping Hannah get more settled. Hannah needs that.

So last night, Shantal and Spencer had Scouts. Here in Germany, scouts are combined, girls and boys. Well, they were both kicked out and told they could not come again next week. They were not the only ones. There were six kids all together who are not allowed to come. I don't know what is going to happen to the kids and scouts. Part of me thinks it will still be good for Spencer, but I'm not so sure Shantal fits in so well there. She needs activities of her own. We just need to find them.

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