Tuesday, March 13, 2007

German Doors

OK....today I decided I HATE (yes, I know it is a strong word!) German Doors. German doors are made where you can not open the door up from the outside with out a key. So when it closes it automatically is locked.

I know what you are thinking, I locked myself out. Not so.

The kids have been playing outside a lot the past two days since the weather has been OUTSTANDING! It actually feels like spring outside. They can go out without coats. Yesterday, Shantal even put shorts on.

Well, with going outside, comes a lot of the in and out game. They go out to roller blade. Then they want in to get their shoes to ride their scooters and bikes. They are outside, then they want in to go to the bathroom. They are outside, and they want to come in to get a drink. They are outside and want to come in to tattle on something one of the others did that they did not agree with. You get my point. Well, with three of them outside, they NEVER want in at the same exact moment. And today I was getting frustrated. It seemed like someone was constantly at the door. I was trying to breastfeed Ian and someone wanted something.

It really was getting to me by the time the afternoon was over and time for them to come in anyway. I want them to be able to go out and be with friends. But man, the door thing drives me batty!

On another note, I took Emma to the park this morning while the kids were at school. She just loved it. We have a park kind of across the street from our house. It is across and up just a bit. Anyway, I took Ian's carseat to the car first because I knew I needed to go get Hannah from school. Emma kept telling me, "this way" for the park. She really is talking a lot. Yes, a lot of it is Emma talk. Meaning, you might not be able to understand the words she is saying. But we as a family sure understand her. It is amazing how one can decifer what is being said sometimes. It is so fun to watch her vocabulary expand. I really wish her screaming would decress as her words increase. But so far, that does not seem to be the case.

Another thing I noticed today. I read on the internet that America had Daylight Savings last weekend. I was a little shocked, because we did not have it here in Germany. In the fall, we had it the same exact time as America. I don't know if we have it on a different occasion or not at all. Seems so weird.

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