Friday, March 23, 2007

Everything Goes In The Mouth

How is that for a title? Everything Goes In The Mouth! Yes, we have hit that stage with Ian. I had forgotten about this stage somehow. I keep pulling things out of his mouth. He gets the biggest wads of paper in there. No matter what it is, he tries to bite it, suck on it and insert it. It is so hard to keep the floors clean. I vacuum everyday. But somehow, with so many people in this house, the floors always have something on them. I remember when Shantal and Spencer were this little, I was able to keep the floors empty and free of tiny objects. But somehow, with Ian, it is harder.

Something else I just noticed today. It is time to move his bed down. Well, actually, it is a pack n play. We have a pack n play in the living room where he usually sleeps during the day. And then his crib is up on the 3rd floor. Well, the pack n play has a bassinet feature that we have been using. Well, today, I saw Ian and I jumped real fast. He was almost out of the bed.

He has started to climb up on things. Sometimes that is real dangerous. He gets up on these laundry baskets we have and then the edge of the laundry basket always gets under his neck. We have marble floors in our house and we have 2 steps between the living room and dining room. He is always pulling himself up on these two steps. I am so afraid of him getting hurt.

As for Ian's Crib, it is up in our room. I think it is time for it to be moved out of our room and into Spencer's room. We have never had a baby sleep in our room so long before. But with the set up of this house and the different levels that the sleeping rooms are on, it was easier to keep him there while I breastfed him. I am still breastfeeding him, but he needs to be moved.....eventually. He is 6 months old, and it is time for him to hopefully start sleeping through the night.

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