Monday, March 12, 2007

First Day of School....Well, Sort Of

Well, Shantal's first day in Spencer's class went WONDERFULLY! I talked to the teacher today and she said that Spencer was real cute when Shantal came into the class. He about tackled her on the ground from hugging her. He is real happy to have her there. And the kids were real excited as well, Especially the girls in the class. Shantal's best friend from her 3rd grade class has a sister in the 2nd grade class. I think Shantal and the sister will end up being good friends as well.

Hannah was sick again this morning. She decided not to go to school. She was a bit sad about this. I was surprised by her reaction. I went ahead and took Shantal and Spencer to school, as I had to go and sign a form for Shantal to switch classes. When I came home, I asked Hannah if she wanted to go to school. Once again, I was amazed when she said Yes. So I ran her to school.

Then, this afternoon, Hannah had her "get to know you" day at the Elementary School. All the principal said was Thanks for coming. We will call your child's name and they will go with such n such teacher. Then the parents will pick up their kids at 5pm. Well, Hannah started crying. When they called her name, she screamed. She wanted me to stay. Well, I carried her into her class she was supposed to be in. Sat in a chair with her on my lap. But the teacher said this was something Hannah needed to do a lone. I agreed. Anyway, I told one of the teachers that I would stand outside for 5 minutes to see how it would go as Hannah was screaming again. The teacher came out and got me because it was hindering the other kids. So I took Hannah out and was talking to her. She wanted to go in but did not want anyone to look at her. I told her that is not something anyone can control. People look at us all the time. After half an hour, Hannah did go back in. She did not want to participate or talk. She only wanted to watch and see what they were doing. I said that was fine with me. She stayed there the rest of the time which was 45 minutes and only watched. I was just happy she went back in.

OK, so here is a funny. I have found Emma on MANY occasions trying to feed Ian food. Usually it is pretzels. The other day it was Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. We really have to keep an eye out on that girl. I just have to say, Ian LOVES the pretzels.

Gardner left for Sweden again this morning. Lucky for me, he will be back tomorrow night. How nice that it is only for 2 days this time. He is trying not to go back next week at all.

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