Monday, March 19, 2007

Round 2

So, Ian was up during the night sick. He started throwing up around midnight and it went through out the night. It became what I call a two man operation. I would hold Ian, kind of in a crawling position, while Gardner would hold a bowl under his chin to catch most of it. The poor boy. I felt so bad for him. Listening to him made me sad. He would gag and do the dry heaving after awhile. But throught out the day, he seemed to be doing a lot better. I was worried about not breastfeeding him so often. But tonight, he seemed to be back up to normal eating routine.

This morning, I bought myself some Roller Blades. I am very excited about this. I have gained a bit of weight being pregnant with Emma and Ian. And this summer, I want to try and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I am hoping that roller blading will help. I have never roller bladed before. I have, however, Roller skated and of course, Ice Skated. So I hope I will be able to enjoy this activity. Plus, my three older kids have blades and we can go out together. My plan is to have Gardner watch the two smaller kids while I get out. I hope his work schedule co-operates.

Here is something I just thought of while typing. The teachers at Hannah's school really LOVE Emma. They are so excited that Emma always wants to be a the school. She never wants to leave when I am ready to go after dropping off Hannah. And when picking up Hannah, she wants to stay and play as well. The kids are usually outside playing when I pick up Hannah. They lock their gates so the parents can not come into the play yard until it is the correct time. Then they come and unlock it. Well, lately, they have been unlocking the gate and letting Emma come in and participate with all the other kids. When Hannah unlocked the gate today, she told me.....Only Emma gets to come in. It was too cute. So I have been going about 15 minutes early and watching Emma play on the slide (her Favorite thing to do). She has also sat around the sandbox with the other kids and sang songs. Usually sitting on Hannah's lap. It actually has been good for Hannah as well. For example, today I showed up and Hannah was in the sandbox playing by herself. After Emma went to play, Hannah played with her. And of course, all the kids want to be around them as well. So that is a good thing. Emma's excitement when she sees Hannah for the first time when picking her up is priceless. And every day, one of the teachers asks me how old Emma is. They really can't wait until she gets to stay for good.

Something funny I saw the other day, which I do not think was there before. They have these signs on the roads. Sometimes they take me by surprise because they are so different. This one inparticular was a triangle with an exclamation mark in the middle. It stands for caution. Well, right underneath it, was a picture of a frog. They are telling us to watch out for frogs on the road. I just started laughing out loud. I could not believe it. I can't wait to see how many frogs are on the roads this spring and summer.

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The Petrini Gang said...

Hey there cousin! I can't believe your family is living in Germany. How long do you plan to live there? How exciting. Your scrapbook pages are so cute and your family is growing so much. Thanks for the updates and I look forward to checking your blog often! Take Care!

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