Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Secret Addiction

So today, Gardner showed up home from work at 2pm. He is sick. I think he has the flu that the other kids have all experienced. Saturday he felt sick, but not like this. I went to the church tonight for a women's night out. I was gone 3 hours. I made dinner before I left and they were just getting ready to sit down and eat when I walked out the door. When I came back, dinner was still at the table, dishes still in the sink, the house a disaster and all the kids still up. Gardner said he was just trying not to die. That is how sick he feels. I think he will be spending a day at home tomorrow and then he should feel good enough to go to work again on Friday. That is if the pattern repeats itself. Meaning, if it is the same as everyone else in the family.

So, as some of you know......I have an addiction. Oh, don't some of you act so shocked! I probably have more than I'm telling. But this time, I am talking about my pretzel addiction. While I was pregnant with Emma, that is one of the only things that made the nausea go away. I gained 50 pounds with Emma. But afterwards, still had 20 to lose when I got pregnant with Ian. I swore, I would not start on pretzels again. Well, as sick as I was I almost did not have a choice. While in the hospital is when I started up on them again. (For those that did not know, I was being fed through an I.V. for a month). Anyway, since that time, I still have not given up on those pretzels. Currently, we go through a bag of pretzels each day. Luckily, those pretzels are only 40 cents. Granted they are smaller bags than in America. But still, I can not survive so well without them. point is, I have tried to cut back on my pretzel addiction. But that has not worked. I crave those pretzels and I break down and open a new pack. So, I have decided to go cold turkey and simply not eat them anymore. And that is starting tomorrow. I have already been craving them again tonight, but have no more in the house. And there are no plans on bringing them back into this house either. If they are here, I will eat them. Tomorrow will be a real hard day. But in the long run, I will be a lot happier and this will help my goal of losing the rest of the baby weight. I lost so much weight before Emma and Ian came along and it sickens me to see myself now after everything else I went through. So here is to being Pretzel Free!

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The Petrini Gang said...

I have the same problem with Chocolate. John keeps telling me to stop eating it, but I told him as long as there is chocolate in the house, I will eat it. I have absolutly NO will power. And even after that, John goes out and orders 8 boxes of Girl Scout cookies from his Captains daughter I think to get on his good side. I don't even have to tell you what they did to me. After eating I think 3 boxes myself, I told him to take the rest back to work and give them away.

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