Friday, January 12, 2007

What Next?

OK, I say what next because this has been seriously a week I would really not like to repeat.

Yes, we have dealt with Lice for 3 days. Then today, I was working on trying to get laundry up to speed and the house cleaned....again. Well, around lunch time, I fell down our stairs. Just 2 stairs. But our floors are marble, so they are hard. And I was carrying Ian. I did manage to keep Ian above the ground and not get hurt at all. But I on the other hand did not fair so well.

I ended up going to the ER here in Germany thinking I had broken a toe or two. Everything there happened so fast. I came prepared to be there a couple of hours (the way it usually is in America). Gardner came home to drive me and all the kids went with us. Well, Gardner dropped me off at the front door and went to park the car. When he got inside, I was already gone. Not only already gone, but coming out of a room to go to get X-rays. So we sat together to get the x rays. I got called within 5 minutes for that. And then we waited a little more than 5 minutes for the x rays to come back. I went back into the emergency room and they took me right back again.

They looked at the x rays. I had 2 of them taken. The toes did not look broken, although the doctor did say perhaps one of them is broken in this spot, as he pointed to something in the x ray. but it would of been a small break. So his theory is that they are sprained.

Two toes are totally swollen, blue and purple and one of my toes is curved kind of sitting a little on the toe next to it. I can not walk on it at all. I walk only on my heel. And I can not curl my toes either. My instructions were to keep my foot elevated, put ice on it (and not the ice cream, the doctor it has the same name in german as ice) and then they gave me some kind of cream to put on it 3 - 4 times a day. I'll be interested to see what that actually does.

I did ask what they would do for a break because it seems like there is nothing you could do with a broken toe. He mentioned that one would have to go to therapy. So I was trying to imagine what kind of therapy that would be....toe therapy. Sorry, but I chuckle at it. Just sounds so funny.

Well, I am now at home with my foot elevated. I was not feeling so well, and sure enough, I threw up after about 10 minutes of laying down. I think I have hit my tolerance level. I am definately ready for a different week with different trials.

I always say, when it rains, it poors by the wheeler family. Man, it has poured this week on us. That is for sure.

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