Sunday, January 7, 2007

9 Suitcases of Clothes.....GONE

Well, it is amazing to me that I am actually finding time to sit here and type some days. Maybe it is because I don't get to bed until 2am. Actually the other night, it was 3am. I don't know why I am staying up so late. I kick myself in the morning though for doing such a stupid thing. I actually start kicking myself within an hour from going to bed because Ian wakes up to eat.

So, my hair has officially started falling out again. Ian is 4 months old and that seems to be the time frame when the hair starts to fall out after having a baby. I noticed it about a week ago, but now it is in full throttle. I don't have enough hair as it is and it is coming out. ARGH.

Yesterday we spent the day trying to organize and clean my room. We still had suitcases on the floor from moving to Germany. The kids and I lived out of suitcases for so long. First moving to Utah and then to Germany. But finally, they are gone. The suitcases are in the attic and the 9 suitcases that were on my floor are no more. Here is a pic of the disaster of clothes. Remember, we have 5 kids which I had to sort through all their stuff.

I got all the summer clothes put away, weeded through what does not fit Emma or Ian anymore. Does not seem possible that Ian has outgrown clothes already. He is my baby. He is not suppose to grow. Anyway, we did get it all finished. Here is what the room looked like after spending so much time on it:

That area is now my scrap space. And I actually used it today. I was so excited to actually sit down, be able to find my stuff and make something. The kids and I actually made 20 thank you cards to send to people for helping with Spencer's Baptism and for the gifts he received. Then tonight, I made a layout from this past Christmas.

Spencer and Shantal fasted today for the first time. They've gone without eating during church on fast Sundays before. But not actually not eating a meal. Shantal said she was dying because she needed food. And Spencer had a hard time this morning. He said it would be OK skipping breakfast if he could play his playstation. Well, the minute church was out, we went into a room to pray so they could eat. As soon as AMEN was said, they wanted out keys and they ran out and stayed in the van for 45 minutes. Church here is so strange because everyone hangs out for at least an hour afterwards just talking to each other. Church gets out at Noon, but we usually get home around 1:30. The kids usually play in the gym while they wait. Of course, this was not the case today.

Emma is saying more and more words. Gardner and I were talking and I bet within a month, she might be putting sentances together. She reminds us of Shantal when she started talking. Once Shantal started talking, there was no stopping her. I am thinking she might be an early potty trained kid as well. Hard to believe since I really have not had any of those before.

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