Monday, January 1, 2007

Spencer's Baptism

Wow, what a day! It started off all rainy and yucky. Cathie and Bob came over to the house around 9am so the women could go grocery shopping. I needed to pick up some stuff to get us through the holiday weekend coming up plus I needed to pick up some food for the baptism. It is so hard to plan food for an event when you don't know how many people are going to show up. No big deal.

So, shopping in the rain was crazy. Everything gets wet. Taking everything in was nuts trying to get it in without everything getting wet. That is when Bob said an attached garage is nice. I agree, but am happy I don't have to walk 15 minutes to the car anymore. Our garage is 3 houses down, not too bad compared to what we had before. We actually live in a town house. Germans call them row houses. And our garage is at the end of the row of town houses. There are a total of 4 houses and we are the third one down from the garage.

I cleaned house a bit before it was time to get ready for the baptism. Gardner, Spencer and Grandpa all went to the church about 1/2 hour before the girls did. And I gathered up all the stuff I needed for the baptism. As I looked around, I saw Spencer's baptism clothes sitting on a shelf. I grabbed those fast and ran out the door.

As I got to the church, I wondered if they would be happy to see me with the clothes. They had not even noticed that they were missing yet. But Gardner was still happy to see me with them.

The baptism was great. I worried for a minute there that Spencer might have to go again. But he did not. He got the OK and had a huge grin on his face. After the Confirmation, he started shaking the first persons hand (Elder Walker) and Elder Walker told him to hug his dad. Well, Spencer jumped up onto Gardner. It was really cute and then Spencer started to be silly and leaned backwards while Gardner was holding him, as if he was going to flip over. We could all see Spencer's face. He just lit up. Well, Spencer just had to jump up on Grandpa and the Bishop as well. (I think Spencer just likes to jump).

I took a lot of pictures of Spencer. We had invited a lot of people to the baptism and we had 12 non members (neighbors, co-workers and friends) come. Spencer got 9 presents from people. It is a big thing here in Germany to get gifts. I told Spencer it was a good thing he lived in Germany for his big day as he would not of gotten those things in America. Well, all his presents were books, in German I might add. Spencer could not believe it. The only thing he said is "WHAT?".

After the baptism, everyone hung out to eat. I had so much food there. Once again, I am an over-achiever.

Once we cleaned up, Sibylle (our Nanny from a few years back who is from Hannover), came over to our house for dinner. We did Raclette once again. Cathie actually bought us a raclette machine today and so it was fun to use it. The kids were thrilled to see Sibylle and to spend time with her. Sibylle brought all the kids gifts. That was really nice of her. It is nice that we don't live so far from her now. She lives about 3 hours away. Oh and I should mention that Spencer jumped up on Sibylle when she left tonight as well.

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