Thursday, January 4, 2007

Family Life

So a few days have passed since I wrote.

Gardner's parents left today. The kids were really sad. They sure enjoyed them being around. Emma took to Grandpa really well. She really loved playing with his zipper on his coat. We talked last night with the kids and asked them what they enjoyed doing while Grandma and Grandpa were here. And I must say Toys R Us was the biggest hit. But I think it is because they just went there the day before.

Gardner and I went to Ikea again last night. We spend 235 Euros. I went again today and spent 120 Euros. Unfortunately we have to go again on Saturday. Something I bought today had a broken piece of wood and something we bought yesterday is missing a part. Bummer. I love going to IKEA. I absolutely love that store. But....and this is a big but....IKEA is 1/2 hour away from us by car and gas is not cheap here. Currently, gas is 1.26 Euros per liter. That is 1/4 of a gallon. That is 5 Euros for one gallon of gas which is equivelant to $6.50 in US Dollars.

Yesterday I put together the Exersaucer that Gardner's Parents bought Ian. We actually put him in there and he was real happy. Look for yourself:

Something I keep realizing about Ian is that he sweats a lot while he eats. And then he spits up like crazy. We think he has a form of reflux.

So I heard a funny story about Spencer yesterday. While Spencer was on a train ride home from Cologne with Gardner, Gardner's Dad and Hannah, he made a comment as he looked thoughtfully out the window: What if I marry a German girl? Then I would never go back to America and my kids would speak German. Kind of crazy that this 8 year old boy thought of that. But Spencer always amazes me with things he says and does.

Spencer is such a great big help with Ian. Every day, I can count on Spencer helping out. Spencer always wants to hold Ian, burp Ian, Play the Playstation with Ian. If we are in church, he will ask for Ian.

And Shantal helps out with Emma like Spencer does with Ian. I love watching Shantal with Emma. Emma trusts Shantal completely. When Emma is really grouchy, Shantal is about the only one who can bring Emma out of it.

And so sometimes I really feel bad for Hannah. She has no buddy like Spencer/Ian and Shantal/Emma. Jokingly I told Gardner we needed to have one more child for Hannah. But let me stop all rumors before they start. We are not having anymore kids. We really are done. I know it and Gardner knows it. We both think my body will give out permantly if I had another one. Plus, I don't have the patience for it.

OK, so I have another funny about our life here in Germany. Or at least, everyone who hears about it thinks it is funny. We live in a house that only has 2 bedrooms. We have Shantal and Emma sharing a room and then Spencer and Ian will be sharing a room. That leaves Hannah and no bedroom. Gardner and I sleep in a big room on the 3rd floor. It is not a bedroom, more of a big family room type of a room. Anyway, we put Hannah in the hallway on the 2nd floor. People tend to laugh that Hannah's bedroom is in the hallway. Well, this hallway is like a foyer at the top of the stairs. It is a decent size. She has a bed, dresser, night stand and toy box there. I will have to take a picture of it. Hold on....I am going to do that right now.

And I have to add, that she asked to sleep there and have her own room as she has never had her own before. Shantal has since asked to switch rooms with Hannah. So as you can see, it is a very popular room in our house.

So I have been working a little on getting my scrapbooking area set up. I really miss those scrap weekends I used to organize in Wisconsin. I loved getting out, being someone besides a mom and actually accomplishing some pages during the weekend. There are not that many scrapbookers here in Germany. Those that I have found are Americans who only use Creative Memories. So my style is so much different. And the other hard part is there is absolutely no scrapbook store around. So I will have to rely on friends and family plus trips to the US to add supplies.

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