Thursday, January 25, 2007

Not Again!

This morning started like any other morning. I got up about 6:45 to feed Ian and then went on to wake up the other kids for school. Got everyone ready and just about to send Shantal and Spencer out the door for school. They need to leave by 7:45 as school starts at 8am. Usually while they are getting ready, I am also getting Ian and Emma ready as I have to take Hannah to school right after they leave. And I did just that this morning. I was brushing Hannah's hair when I saw it.....a bug. I was like...NO! I got it out and went into the bathroom to look at it in better light. And sure enough, to me, it looked like Lice. I was mad. Not at Hannah, as it is not her fault, but at the situation.

Last night when Hannah was praying before bed, she asked for help to not have to go to school today because she did not want to go on the field trip to see the puppet show. I told Hannah that her prayer was answered since she had lice, she could not go.

We did everything all over again, only this time without the help from Gardner. He stayed at work. I got all the sheets, blankets, pillow cases and towels washed. I got all the kids done with the lice shampoo and combed it out. I vacuumed all 4 levels of the house, including the couch, chairs, beds, pillows, anything that could be vacuumed, I did it for an extra procaution.

Plus I ran to the Pharmacy 2 times (they did not have enough of what I needed the first time but got it in a few hours later), Both schools to inform them of the lice I found (I don't feel confident enough to make the phone call with my German). I also went Grocery Shopping three times and the bakery (although that is cheating since the bakery is inside one of the stores).

I made a dinner that NO ONE would touch, until Gardner got home. I made Vegetable Lasagna. Gardner loved it. The kids would not go near it.

It was a very long day. And Gardner worked late, missed buses, trains and stuff. I had to go 15 minutes away to pick him up tonight. I'm still doing laundry. Still need to wash coats, gloves, hats, scarves, ect along with normal every day laundry.

But the one thing I did not mention yet...something very odd. Maybe it is not so odd, but I thought it was at the time. When shampooing the kids hair, you are supposed to comb it out afterwards and that is when I have seen the lice and eggs from the kids two weeks ago. Well today, I saw absolutely NOTHING. We go to the doctors tomorrow to get a note for the kids to go back to school. (Remember from my last post on lice, it is a law here. The kids can not go back without a doctors note saying they are clean and free of lice.) If he says that no one had anything, then I will be totally amazed because we all saw this little bug this morning. I just can not figure out where it came from this time. What am I saying, I did not ever figure out how Hannah got it last time.

I am totally finished for the day. Very tired. I plan on sleeping in come tomorrow since our doctors appointment is not until 12:30 in the afternoon. Gardner will be home as well because he has to also be checked and cleared for the kids to go back to school. So, I have all our metal blinds closed so it will stay dark until we open them. And hopefully the kids will take advantage of an extra day to sleep in and do so.

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