Thursday, January 11, 2007

Random Questions and Answers

Well, the lice situation is under control for now. We all went to the doctors today and got the approval for the kids to go back to school tomorrow. Those same kids who cried because they had to miss school these past 2 days whined that they had to go back tomorrow. The other thing that is happening due to the lice situation, is that I can not breastfeed Ian. Because of the shampoo we used, I am not allowed to breastfeed for 3 days. So I am pumping and dumping. So reminiscent of right before we moved to Germany when I had my DNC and I had to pump and dump because of the anesthesia. At least that time it was only 24 hours. so this is a long time.

I have some ladies ask me some questions about Germany and my family these past 2 days. I decided to post the questions and answers I wrote here. Some of it is very informative.

QUESTION: So I am new and don't know your history but from what I understand you meet your husband in germany. What were both of you doing there at the time. Then what brought you back to the states and then again back to germany?

ANSWER: My husband and I came to Germany the first time back in 1990. We did not know each other but actually met here. We were both Missionaries for our church. So we both went back to the states (at different times) when our service was finished. After we were both home, we hooked up and started hanging out a bit. Eventually, we got married. DH has always wanted to come back here to work and live. So he looked for opportunities to come back over here. finally his job had an opening and he jumped at it. So now his dream has been fulfilled.

QUESTION: How many kids and ages do you have?

ANSWER: We have 5 kids: Shantal is 9, Spencer is 8, Hannah is 5, Emma is 1 and Ian is 4 months.

QUESTION: Do you speak fluent german????

ANSWER: Oh how I wish I could. My husband does and I rely upon that sometimes. I know enough to carry on a conversation and to find things I need. But I start every conversation with someone I don't know, "my german is not so good".

QUESTION: Wie viele kostet ein Gallon von Milsch en Deutschland? (How much does a gallon of milk cost in Germany?)

ANSWER: Well, they sell milk in liters. And it costs 99 cents. Take 4 liters to make a gallon, that is roughly 4 euros. But that would make roughly 5.25 US dollars for a gallon.

QUESTION: My friend just married a guy from Germany...she said she cannot find bleach in any store! Have you seen any bleach anywhere in the country?

ANSWER: No I heard there is no bleach here. I did use some because my american friend gave me some. She said you can find it in the Netherlands. I also have a friend and her husband works for the American Embassy so I plan on buying some at the base when I go with her in a couple of weeks.

QUESTION: Okay I know that you went to Germany for your husband's job. Will he be there for a set term (contract)? or do you intend to live there for the rest of your lives?

ANSWER: When he initially started talking about a job here, I thought it would be 2 years. Then he said 3 years. Then it turned into 3 - 5 years. Now that we are here, he has joked about staying forever. his reasons, 1st are: It was so hard to get here he doesn't ever want to go home and deal with that kind of a move again. Then the 2nd I've heard is: When he thinks about the kids going to college, he says we should stay. College is free here. It would save us money. But he is just kidding around with real reasons. we do want to move back. Realistically, I would say it will be 5 years.

QUESTION: How long have you been scrapping? Do you find any supplies in Germany, or do you have to order online? Are your older kids interested in scrapping? are there any other hobbies you have or crafts that you do?

ANSWER: I did some scrapping when I was in college in 1987. But scrapping has sure taken a change from back then. And I would say me doing it more of a die hard thing, I have been doing it for 9 years. I have not found any supplies in germany and am afraid to buy anything on line because the custom officials tax us on new items that come into the country. The only way around that is if someone mails something and on the customs declaration forms says it is a gift.

I have a few kids who want to scrapbook with me. Shantal who is 9 did scrapbooking in school last year. They made one throughout the year. It turned out awesome. And just tonight, she asked me how old you had to be to scrap. I told her there was no set age. Just when someone wants to they can. And she informed me she wanted to.

As for crafts or hobbies, I honestly can not think of anything right now. I love camping. LOVE IT. And I love to travel. But that is all I can think of.

QUESTION: What is the biggest thing that you have had to adjust to living overseas?

ANSWER: Let's see, no scrapbooking stores, staying up past midnight to talk to people on the phone, stores closing between 1 - 3 each day for a break, driving 100 miles an hour on the freeway, paying money to use the bathroom in a public restroom (usually 50 cents), keeping certain change in the van to get a grocery cart (deposit of 1 euro), Seperation of our trash (paper, plastic, biodegradable and then the rest), constant rainy weather and people looking at us oddly for having 5 kids (we really STICK OUT).

QUESTION: How have the kids adjusted to living in another country/speaking another language?

ANSWER: The kids have adjusted really well. They have picked up the language so well and are in the process of correcting my german every day. It is like no problem for them. And Emma who is 1, is starting to talk. She is speaking both languages already.

QUESTION: What is something that you learned about Germany after moving there that you were surprised about/didn't know before moving there?

ANSWER: How hard it is to get around and how much we would get lost trying to get to certain places. Free Coffee at work with real coffee mugs provided and washed each day.

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