Thursday, January 11, 2007


First off, I want to say Happy Birthday to my mom. I called her today to tell her of my woes and ask for some advice and before we hung up, I asked her if there was anything else new besides what we had talked about. And she said, not unless you have something you want to say. I told her I could not think about much else besides my day. She then enlightened me it was her birthday. I did remember it this morning, but then the day hit hard and I forgot. I'm glad I decided to call her today though. I'm just sorry I did not remember to wish her proper birthday wishes.

On to my day....Well, I was getting the kids ready for school this morning. As I was getting the girls hair done for the day, I found lice in Hannah's hair. I could not believe it as we have never dealt with lice before and the kids just went back to school yesterday. So I went over to her school and informed them of what she had so they could notify the parents properly. Then I decided the bigger kids should not go to school either. Shantal was sad. So we went to their school and the school principal said that they indeed could not go to school. If someone in the family has it, they treat it like everyone has it. And in order for the kids to go back to school, there needs to be a note from a doctor saying they are free and clear. Shantal cried when she found this out because she had swimming today in school. Spencer cried because he has short day tomorrow and wanted to come home early. He doesn't get that he is not going at all. hannah cried because she is going to miss Gymnastics tomorrow. No one was happy. Everyone was crying.

Well, I went to the pharmacy around 9am and spent 100 Euros. With 7 of us, we bought them out of all the lice treatments they had. Before washing the girls hair with the special shampoo, I cut their hair. shantal and Hannah both had longer hair. Well, not anymore. I had already cut Spencer and Gardner's hair during the weekend. Now almost everyone has a haircut. Well, Hannah's hair is so short compared to what it used to be. She said to me she looked like Carla, a girl in her Kindergarten Class. So a bit later, I called her Carla. She said, "Mom, please don't call me Carla. You can call me Han, Hannah or Wheeler and if you forget my name, you can call me Kathleen." That was so funny to me. So tonight I have been calling her Kathleen (this is her middle name, after my mom). She looks so different to me.

Well, I spent the day washing every blanket, sheet, pillow case, towel, clothes. Oh, no, I am not finished but we all got fresh blankets on our beds for the night. We also vacuumed and mopped the floors. I also vacuumed the couch, chairs, beds, pillows, ect. You name it. If I could vacuum it for double protection, I did it. And then when finished, the vacuum bag went straight out to the trash.

And come tomorrow, I will have to wash sheets again. ARGH

Oh, I failed to mention, that while we were shampooing, afterwards, we used the comb for lice. Well, I found lice in Shantal and Emma's hair as well. They share the same brush and I knew that was going to happen once I saw Hannah with it.

Well tonight I got the shampoo on me. It is currently sitting in my hair and I need to rinse in 10 minutes. Anyway, before I put the shampoo in, I had Gardner cut my hair as well. I told him I did not care about my hair as much as I care about not having the lice. My hair can grow back.

Well, it is a law here in Germany that we can not go anywhere in public until we have the doctors notes. I am hoping that this will be a one time deal and we can get rid of it. But I have my doubts with so many people in this house having it.

I cringe knowing there are bugs here. But hopefully it won't be for long.

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