Monday, January 29, 2007

Too Much Fun

Well, I guess some of the kids just had too much fun in the snow on Friday. Both Ian and Emma have been sick for a few days. They both have had a cough and cold. Then today, Emma started holding one of her ears and just cried most of the afternoon. I ended up taking her into the doctors right before they closed tonight. She did not have an ear infection. But she does have fluid in both her ears. I have to sit tight and watch because it can change over night. I gave her lots of tylenol before bed. Hopefully she will be able to sleep well.

Ian cries just like Emma. You can tell he does not feel well. And he is not his happy self. Tonight he got happy. But it was VERY short lived. I think it lasted 15 minutes. I feel so bad for the kids when they feel so terrible. All I can do is hold Ian or Emma during times like this.

I need to call the doctor again and make some appointments for the kids. Ian is now 4 almost 5 months old and he has not seen a doctor since his 2 week check up right before we left the states. He is past due for a few shots. So I need to get him in and I believe that Emma is also past due for a few shots. So my plan is to call them in the morning and schedule something.

Spencer changes classes in just a couple of days. Starting February 1st, he changes from Class 2B to Class 2C. His class he is in has 34 kids and class 2A has 33 kids. So they are making 3 classes out of 2. He met his new teacher. All he says is she has a funny looking face and that he HATES his new schedule. He is real sad that he won't be getting out at 10:45 in the morning once a week anymore. From the looks of it, he gets out at 12:30 everyday. That is a big change from what he has now. Right now, he gets out: Monday 12:30, Tuesday 11:30, Wednesday 1:20, Thursday 10:45 and Friday 11:30. He loved that schedule.

Shantal still complains about her homework. But it seems like she is finishing it without complaining as long. I don't have to keep on her as much. I do hope that it continues like that.

Hannah is progressing in school as well. She still does not talk much, but she is being more active and participating with friends and projects they do. That is definately progress. But I'm still holding hope that one day she will start talking more. But it is so much fun listening to her at home speaking so much German. She only speaks German to Emma. I think that is cute.

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