Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Christmas Again?

Well, New Years Day was spent with us doing different things. Cathie was not feeling well and we had plans to go to Cologne. So Gardner went with his Dad to Cologne. He took Spencer and Hannah. But I stayed home with Shantal, Emma and Ian. Spencer and Hannah had a good time with Grandpa and Dad.

And while they were gone, Shantal and I got our Christmas Tree put away and everything Christmas packed back up. I cleaned house like crazy plus I did 5 loads of laundry. Having company here, even if they are not staying with us, throws us off schedule a bit and so my house and laundry was needing some cleaning. Gardner was very surprised to see how clean it looked when he got home.

Today, I went to the Rathaus again to finish up with my Visa. I did get my visa and so did the kids. It is only good until September 21, 2007. Then we will have to renew again. My visa cost 50 Euros and each childs was 25 Euros. While there, the lady was telling us that I had to go to school to learn German, even though I already know German. She said all new people coming into the country must take this German class. But Gardner kept trying to get me out of this class, as he took a test and got out of his a few months ago. Normally Gardner does all the talking because his German is so much better than mine. But I jumped in making jokes about me going back to school and then she said I did not have to go after all. I guess she did not realize how much (even as bad as it is) I actually do know.

After we got back from the Rathaus, The kids, Gardner's Mom and I all drove out to Toys R Us. We were on a mission of sorts. I was trying to find an exersaucer for Ian since ours did not make it on the ship. I really wanted one as they are one of the best things invented. And then Grandma and Grandpa thought they would take the kids shopping for Christmas instead of bringing stuff out for them since the room in the suitcase is not so big.

The kids had a blast going around the store. Shantal ended up with some Dress up clothes and dress up make up. Hannah a Car for her baby borne and a back pack for her baby borne that she got for Christmas from Santa. Spencer bought a Pirates of The Caribbean racing car set. And then Emma got a Winnie the pooh Kitchen Set. And of course, Ian got his Exersaucer.
The kids were all happy and by the looks of the living room, you would of thought it was Christmas Day all over again. Empty torn boxes all over the place.

Oh, and we finished the Star Wars Series. We watched Episode 5 yesterday and 6 today.

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