Monday, January 1, 2007

Ian's Baby Blessing

I must first say, that I LOVE the outfit Ian is wearing in his picture. This is what he wore for his baby blessing He looked way too cute. Everyone at church did the ew and ah but of course, in German.

Gardner did the baby blessing in English. I was happy about that and since he did so, I was able to write down some of what he said during the blessing. Here are my notes I took:

*Bless Ian to grow strong
*Loved in Family
*Light and Example to Family
*Thanks for Light Ian is so far to us
*Blessing on Ian thy Spirit
*De well in this life in following the Savior

It was kind of crazy me trying to write while holding Emma and trying to keep her quiet.

We were taking pictures after church of our family including Gardner's Parents (Bob and Cathie) and just as the Missionary was going to take the picture, this man in the ward who is from Africa jumped in the picture and said I want to be in it. We went ahead and took the picture (It was a digital camera) and then after he stepped away, I politely said that I needed the family to stay so I could get one with just the family.

One thing that happened during church that was funny was the Bishop announced that Spencer was the newest member of the church. So he asked Spencer to stand up for everyone to see him. Well, then the Bishop said, maybe you need to stand on the bench for everyone to see you because he just blended in with us adults sitting down. Spencer thought that was great and jumped right up there. He was thrilled to do something that we continually tell him he can not do.

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