Monday, January 1, 2007

The Grandparents Have Arrived

Today I got up early and had to run out to do grocery shopping. I knew that it would get crazy today since all the grocery stores will be closed for 3 days. So I ran to get last minute items at Walmart. (The Walmart here in Germany is mainly food, with a little of the other stuff.)

After I got home, Gardner had to run out to pick up a few items including a webcam. We bought it to use when we chat with my family on Skype. Skype is an internet communication service. We call each other and talk for free using a microphone and our computers. And now, we get to see each other while we talk. It will be great for the family to see how much our kids have grown, especially little Ian.

Gardner's parents plane got in late and they did not arrive here until 3pm. By the time we took them to the house where they are staying and unloaded it was almost 5pm.

We then took an U-bahn (underground train) and went into Duesseldorf to the Weihnactsmarkt (Christmas Market). It is something that is really big in Germany. It usually runs from Thanksgiving (which they don't actually have here) until the 23rd of December. You can buy all kinds of stuff there: Food, Nutcrackers, Candied Almonds, Toys, ect. Tonight it was really cold. Especially for me since I don't have a coat yet. Somehow it got lost on its way to Germany.

By the time we got back home, it was after 8pm and we were supposed to have a call with my family at 7pm, as they were celebrating Christmas and opening presents. Shantal, Spencer and Hannah did not like watching them open the presents so much. They actually wanted to be there opening them as well. Everytime someone opened something, they would comment that they wanted one of those.

Anyway, it is late and we have church tomorrow morning. Luckily, it is not at early as it normally is. Normally it is at 9am, but due to Christmas, it is at 10:30 and only Sacrament Meeting. We are all over joyed at the time change, even if it is only for one week.

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