Sunday, April 6, 2008

Will We Lose the Nanny?

That is the question that occupies our minds these days. The Nanny is officially requested (by the doctor) and officially approved (by the health insurance company) through the 9th of April.

Because Tamara's blood levels have not improved (in fact they got worse) after the surgery, we have asked for an extension. This has to be requested by the doctor and approved by the health insurance.

Why am I pushing for this? I haven't seen Tamara this happy and upbeat in a long time. I hope our lifesaver will be able to be extended. Check out Episode 26 of our Living in Germany podcast for the update:

Here's our little reminder that the Nanny is here and still able to work a bit of magic for us. It's not Mary Poppin's umbrella, but our reminder that the Nanny is here. The question now is will she be able to stay with us:


Martina RoƟmann said...

Good luck in getting an extension for the nanny!!

christina said...

Wow, I sure hope she'll be able to stay. It must be such a blessing to have here there. We've never had to make use of this service but I think it's fantastic.

I'm sure they'll give you an extension if there's a medical reason.

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