Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hannah's First Gymnastics Meet

At the beginning of the year, Hannah joined a Girls Gymanstics Group. Gymnastics is something that Hannah has enjoyed since we lived in Wisconsin and used to go once a week with a group of kids from our church. At that point, Hannah was 4 and loved just running around and playing on all the equipment. It was an open play time and absolutely no structure.

So, joining a gymnastic Group where it was structured, I was thinking Hannah wouldn't groove on it so much. Boy was I wrong.

I have heard over the last 6 months how great Hannah is at Gymanstics from the Gymnastic Trainers. They love Hannah. And sometimes, I think the thing that sets Hannah a part from some of the other girls, is that Hannah has the passion and the drive to learn it. She can do things that some of the girls that have been in Gymnastics for a few years can't do. She learns fast and I have been so happy for her.

Gymnastics meets once a week for 1 1/2 hours. She loves Thursdays. And when the talk of a Gymnastics Meet came up, she was so excited. They started practicing on Saturdays as well. Hannah always made sure she was out the door for her 8am training.

I was a bit worried about how she would react to the Gymnastics Meet. Those of you who know Hannah know why I had concerns. Lots of people, looking at her. Will she perform? Will she shy up? What would she do?

Well, today, we found out. Check this video out. I have to say, it is a little blurry. For some stupid reason, I videod everything in Compact mode. Stinks because I can't go back and fix it.

They broke everything down by the year you were born. Those born in 1999 and 2000 went first. And then those in 2001 and 2002. And when they handed out the rankings for the girls, it was done by the year you were born. For 2001, there were 19 girls. Hannah came in 10th place. I was estactic for her. Her first Meet. And she learned a lot. And she participated in every event. She says she wants to stand on the podium next time. I want her to as well. {smiles}

It was a great day for Hannah and I think it did wonders for her self esteem!

Here are some pictures of her big day! In no particular order!


Maria said...

Ooo... I love little gymnasts! With 13 years of experience, I must... LOL! She has very good form! :)

Expat Traveler said...

Wow - how impressive! She's got some muscular legs! I love the photos for sure. Make sure you remember your first meet! It's exciting. We have our gym 12 blocks up the street and I love watching them!

Theriault Family said...

great job hannah... that's awesome!

Gardner said...

Thanks for the great notes to Hannah. I just spoke to the teacher today and she has videos (that are clear) of all the girls. If I can We'll post those videos.

Ann said...

Congrats to Hannah. I taught her in a class at the age of three and she has changed alot. Love the photos. She looks great and a natural.

Renee said...

Loved to see Hannah enjoy gymnastics. My daughter has been in gymnastics for 2 years now and we are moving to Germany the end of the summer. She was worried she wouldn't find a gym but it seems we will find one. Any idea on Stugart area?

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